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Partnership Tiers

Serious Family

Community Partnerships

Transit Donor: $100
Your gift provides gas cards or transit tickets.
We will acknowledge you gift on our Social Media pages. 

Strong Family Donor: $250
Your gift will provide food & other basic needs for a family during their stay with us.
We will thank you on our Social Media pages & our annual newsletter.

Home Sweet Home Donor: $500

Your gift will provide needed household items for 1 family as they make their new house a home.
We will thank you on our Social Meida pages, in our annual newsletter, & on our website. 

Healthy Children Donor: $1000

Your gift provides 8 children with the resources & services needed to grow & develop to be healthy & strong.
We will thank you on our Social Media pages, in our annual newsletter, & on our website. 

Corporate Partnerships

Family Partner: $1,250/year
Your gift provides 1 month of housing & groceries for a family.
Family Partners receive recognition on our Social Media pages & a sign with your logo at all of our events.

Self-Sufficiency Partner: $2,500/year
Your gift will provide 5 families with prevention services, so they don't enter shelter.
Self-Sufficiency Partners receive Family Partner + your logo on our annual newsletter.

Shelter Partner: $5,000/year
Your gift provides shelter, basic needs, & help in finding a new home for 4 families.
Shelter Partners receive Self-Sufficiency + your logo on our website.

Stabilization Partner: $7,500/year
Your gift provides financial management training, tenancy training, educaiton, & career support to ensure a stable future for our guest families.
Stabilization Partners receive Shelter + your logo on our event banner.

Promise Partner: $10,000/year

Your gift allows FPBC to lead the fight against family homelessness by raising awareness of the issue & mobilizing Barry County to address the root causes of family homelessness.
Promise Partners receive Stabilization + your company logo in  all event press, media releases, & Social Media.

Concrete Wall

Ways To Connect

Help a homeless family on
their journey home. 

Host, feed, mentor - there are countless ways to help

Homeless or at-risk of losing your home? We can help.

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